Authentic Movement retreat- Authentic Movement and the Spaciousness of the Body/Mind


Led by Marcia Plevin

Saturday 1 June 15-18.30
Sunday 2 June 9.30-18.30
Monday 3 June 9.30-14.00


The conscious witness lives in close relationship with our desires and aversions. While practicing the different phases of the Ground form we make contact with the possibility of keeping an open and spacious mind in front of desires and aversion. What effect will this theme have in our practice of Authentic Movement?

The seminar is aimed at those who have already had some experience in the practice of Authentic Movement with Marcia Plevin or with other teachers. For those who have never attended a seminar with Marcia Plevin it is necessary to send a short CV to the teacher and then make an appointment for an individual interview. If you have any other questions please contact Marcia Plevin.



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