A path to consciousness

Authentic Movement expands and deepens personal awareness and creativity in every respect: through body, psychological and spiritual receptivity, through spontaneous and "self-directed" movement

This work began in the USA in the early 1960’s by Mary Starks Whitehouse, a pioneer of dance movement therapy who had studied the principles of Jungian analytical psychology in Zurich. Initially she named it as “movement in depth”. The practice of Authentic Movement is done with eyes closed in order to listen more closely and deeply to inner impulses of movement. It is a work of great depth that can induce changes in states of consciousness. In its basic form Authentic Movement consists of a relationship between two people or two groups, who alternate in the roles of those who move, ”movers”, and those that observe, “the witness”. Seeing and being seen, sharing of direct experience through verbal and physical language, opening to new psychic spaces in the individual and in the group are part of the practice, as is becoming aware of psychological dynamics that often hinder the perception of oneself and of others.


Authentic Movement


Continuous Practice in Rome guided by Maria Elena Garcia and in Arco (Italy) guided by  Marcia Plevin

July 13/18 - 2021
Discipline of Authentic Movement International retreat in English
Arco, Italy - Marcia Plevin

The members of the annual retreats have had an experienced practice which has usually begun through the Ground form as developed by Janet Adler in a group format.
Evolution of Adler's practice together with her students in the last 15 years has seen the emergence of the Discipline of Authentic Movement together with a a training called Circles of Four .
This retreat will practice and study the shift from the Ground Form of Authentic Movement to the Discipline of Authentic Movement
Arrival at the retreat is for dinner (7 p.m.) July 13th until after lunch (14.30) July 18th.
Those interested will have an arts therapies, psychology, counseling or psychotherapy background with having had one's own personal therapy.
Please send a curriculum vitae and include with with whom and when you have studied Authentic Movement.

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The practice is suitable for people who want to continue and deepen their growth path.

Among these in particular: teachers and social work professionals, as it improves the skills of observation and empathy; psychologists and psychotherapists, as it increases attentiveness to non-verbal aspects of therapeutic communication; artists and dancers who are able to express themselves more freely and authentically in creative processes.



For those who have not participated in an Authentic Movement seminar with that particular teacher it is necessary to send a brief curriculum to the address indicated on the registration form (include your telephone number) You will be contacted by the teacher to set an appointment for an individual interview by telephone or Skype.


Yes, it is necessary to become a member of the Association of Creative Movement method Garcia-Plevin in order to participate in the activities. The yearly cost must be paid at the first seminar that one attends and is valid until that year ends.

“When we were young, when we looked at an airplane in the sky the whole body looked up. When we bent to look at an insect, the whole body looked, bent down, then gradually, with only the eyes, with a limited movement of the neck they looked. […] Bodily excitement shattered into separate gestures. The beautiful flow of energy, the sense of connection, has disappeared “