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The Association of Creative Movement – García-Plevin® method was established with the aim of developing the intrinsic creative potential of each individual, the energy source that allows one to live life fully. Listening to the body and awakening to its expressive movement are our main areas of research, We are aware of their importance in re -discovering the vital body/mind unitive experience and to develop the imagination. Working with music and silence, drawing, sculpture and poetry enriches our approach, which is taught in groups. Teaching in groups facilitates the relational dimension with the other which is a foundation for discovering oneself.




Mª Elena García

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One of the co-creators of the Creative Movement – Garcia-Plevin® Method, which is based on her experience as a dancer and choreographer. Psychotherapist, dance therapist, art-psychotherapist (Goldsmith College, U. of London). Since 2005 she has taught the Master in Movement Dance Therapy at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, in which she uses elements of the MC methodology to promote the student’s creativity.


Marcia Plevin

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One of the creators of the Creative Movement – Garcia-Plevin Method®. Psychologist, dance movement  therapist (DMT) and supervisor for the American Dance Therapy Association, BC-DMT, Italian Art Therapy and APID. Trained by Janet Adler, she is a member of the faculty of Circles of Four, and leads groups of Authentic Movement in Europe. Former teacher of contemporary dance and composition in the National Dance Academy of Rome.


Patrizia Macagno

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She has taught at the National Dance Academy for over 40 years courses in both classical and modern dance techniques and has introduced courses in Creative Movement – the Garcia Plevin method®  since 2001.


Tiziana Giansante

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Dance Movement Therapist (Italian Art Therapy – APID.) Professor of Creative Movement in Italy, Turkey and China at the Inspirees Institute of Creative Arts Therapy. Member of the board of directors of the García-Plevin® Creative Movement Association.

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