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Training in Creative Movement and Mindfulness  

Teachers : Maria Elena García, Marcia Plevin, Patrizia Macagno, Tiziana Giansante

2021-22 Seminars

5 – 6  June 2021
Being with oneself in order to be with others.

3 – 4 July 2021
Consciousness that comes from creating in a group.

18 – 19 September 2021
The experience and the modulation of the energy flow. Creative use of its strength.

16 – 17 October 2021
Discover and transforming space inside and around oneself.

November 2021 
The experience of time. 

January 2022
Movement and forms of vitality. 

February 2022
The senses and their resonance. Objects and materials, stimulation for creativity. 

March 2022
Personal creative style and the flow of being.

May 2022
The value of being present to oneself.

Weekly Activity

of Creative  movement and Dance Movement Therapy

A weekly laboratory of Creative Movement method Garcia- Plevin for Adults.
Roma – Via La Spezia 83

Led by Tiziana Giansante and Gea Lucetti
Every Wednesday from 19,15 – 20,45
Information and registration:

tel. +39 328 6943850-380 3590560

Who the laboratory is for and requirements

Creative Movement is aimed at everyone who wishes to know themselves better through movement.


There are no particular prerequisites and it is not necessary to have had experience in the field of dance.

Fees and Location

Event Fees
The laboratory is held weekly and the fee is 60 euros per calendar month.

Event Location
Via La Spezia 83, Roma


Authentic Movement


Continuous Practice in Rome guided by Maria Elena Garcia and in Arco (Italy) guided by  Marcia Plevin

July 13/18 - 2021
Discipline of Authentic Movement International retreat in English
Arco, Italy - Marcia Plevin

The members of the annual retreats have had an experienced practice which has usually begun through the Ground form as developed by Janet Adler in a group format.
Evolution of Adler's practice together with her students in the last 15 years has seen the emergence of the Discipline of Authentic Movement together with a a training called Circles of Four .
This retreat will practice and study the shift from the Ground Form of Authentic Movement to the Discipline of Authentic Movement
Arrival at the retreat is for dinner (7 p.m.) July 13th until after lunch (14.30) July 18th.
Those interested will have an arts therapies, psychology, counseling or psychotherapy background with having had one's own personal therapy.
Please send a curriculum vitae and include with with whom and when you have studied Authentic Movement.

Registration form :

Cost of room:



Around the World

China - Training in Creative Movement

 -Inspirees Institute of Creative Arts Therapy.

12 November- Diyarbikir, Turkey. Creative Movement

12 November 2019. Turkey (in English).




Available Resources


Articles and documentation

Consult bibliography produced by members of the association.


Dance Movement Therapy

A specific arts based movement therapy modality which consists of both body and non verbal interventions to treat psychic, somatic and relational difficulties within the individual.

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