Tiziana Giansante

Member  Board of directors

Dance Movement Therapist (Italian Art Therapy – APID.) Professor of Creative Movement in Italy, Turkey and China at the Inspirees Institute of Creative Arts Therapy. Member of the board of directors of the García-Plevin® Creative Movement Association.

Dancer and teacher of Bharatanatyam style Indian classical dance. Member of the Nrityodhaya Dance Academy Company of Mumbai – India.

Among  passions that mark her life, two are of particular importance: the first is love and respect for animals, a love that has led her to become a vegetarian; the second is the East, in particular India, which she visits regularly to perform and further her knowledge of dance.

administration Office 

Via Raffaello Giovagnoli, 25 Rome


(+39) 340 6356297
(+39) 328 6943850